We are Lommers Trading bv and are based in Bergeijk, The Netherlands. Our company is specialized in machinery for the horticultural and greenhouse sector.

Our European company started in 2000 and expanded in 2005 to be able to supply our machines to nurseries worldwide. Since we have been active in this business for this long, we have the necessary experience in the design, development, production, installation and maintenance of our machines.

There are several different machines we manufacture and adjust to meet our customers needs. These are a few of the machines we manufacture: plant hole drilling machine, several different pruning machines, plus machines for rootballing plants and trees in bare soil and in the greenhouse. We even manufacture portaltractors.

Some of our machines are “standard” machines which can also be customized to the customer’s specific wishes or we develop a new machine. We ofcourse do this in consultation with the customer. All machines manufactured by us are of extremely high quality and are user friendly. We install all the machines ourselves and also offer the right service after delivery.

This is consistent with our strategy: develop and manufacture everything ourselves if possible. From machine parts to complete machines to the development and writing of the required software. We always take into account the specific customer’s wishes. And of course, all our machines have a CE mark.

Prune line