Below you will find an overview of all the machines we are able to design and produce for you. Click on the picture of your interest and you will enter a gallery. If you have any questions regarding one of these machines, please leave us a message.

In this section you will find our prune lines with their variations. They are available with topknive, butterflyknive and/or pyramidknives. You can also have a pruning line with a half round knive.

Pruning machines

There are all different sort of machines with which you can prune your plants or even trees. In this section you will be able to find out more about these machines. In case you are interested in one of these machines or have questions about a specific one, please let us know and we will be able to assist you in any way we can.

Crown Mower

The Crown Mower is a hand held pruning knife. There are several standard sizes available: from Ø12 cm up to Ø 25 cm (4.72″ up to 9.74″). All other sizes are on request. This crownmower can be carried out with either an electrical or a motor drill machine. There is also an ergonomic backcarrier available.

Other pruning machines

Do you have a greenhouse? Are you interested in one of our topping machines or would you like to receive a quotation? Please leave us a message.

Rootball machines

Root balling machines are there in many shapes. Different sorts of spades, different spade sizes. There are many possibilities with these. You can even have a rootballing machine with a prune unit !

Fully Automatic Drill / Prune / Rootballingmachine

This machine is suitable for drilling holes, pruning plants and digging out all different types of plants or trees in various diameters. There are different knife options for pruning; globe and conical shapes. Also is this machine available in single or multiple rows with a very high capacity.

Planthole drilling machine

The plantholedrillingmachine is a very solid machine for plant hole drilling. This machine is hydraulically driven and controlled by the latest PLC and measuring technology. It has a variable plant spacing.You can even drill up to 9 rows. Drills are available in the sizes Ø100 to Ø550mm. Bigger sizes are on request. If requested the machine can also be fitted with GPS.

Planting machine

A planting machine drills a hole into the ground, after which a coworker can fill this hole with the required plant and/or tree. The implementation can both be with and without the addition of water.

High Clearance Tractor

The design of a high clearance tractor is something that is especially done for the needs of the customer; wheels or tracks, spraying unit, pruning unit, rootball unit. You name it, we can make it. In this gallery you will see a few different ones.


In this gallery, you will find a selection of machines, which have been specifically designed and built on customers request. This to give you an idea of all the possibilities there are.